We are established in the field of recruitment & manpower providers for the last few years. During all these years we have successfully catered & provided requisite manpower requirement of various Companies in Overseas countries to their entire satisfaction since we are a one - source multi-resources organization.

We believe that the biggest strength of a company is its workforce. Keeping this in mind we have followed one unique philosophy by selecting

Vtrips Man Power Consultancy Tours And Travels in Hyderabad offers a host of integrated services that succumb to the various requirements of the clients and candidates. Apart from providing hiring services, they provide consultancy by trying to understand the client’s needs and requirements before starting the hiring procedure. They also have trained personnel who understand the job needs and preferences of the candidates and further help them in seeking their careers. At present, the following openings are made available for distinguished firms - Banking Customer Service, Team Leader, Customer Service, Banking/Tech/Collections/Sales, U.S N Aus Credit Card Process, U.K Insurance Process, Travel Process, Quality Analyst, Lead Generation Process, Stream - Us Tech Pilot Process and Us Credit Card Upselling Process among other. They also have openings in the Airlines, BPO, Insurance and IT sectors. To enquire now, click on the ‘Enquire Now’ tab above.

Review the Government’s objectives, policies and strategies with regard to manpower planning and human resource development in the tourism sector (both hospitality and tourism) and evaluate the NTA’s capacity to develop and manage tourism in a professional manner (at the central and local levels).

Undertake a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the existing hospitality and tourism management training programmes/courses both in public and private sector institutions. Review curricular structure with focus on strengths and weaknesses, and, conduct a comparative analysis with well-established international curricular models.